Storlie School - Preble Township, MN

So you clean this up and then whaddya got?

August 2009 - Euchre Tournament at the Storlie Schoolhouse!

Watch here for more details and exact timing!

Saturday August 22 - 1pm (tentative)



  •  $10 buy in (cash prizes dependent on number of players)
  • Partners will be determined at the beginning of the tournament and will be kept throughout
  • Throw Jacks to see who deals
  • Deal 2 or 3 cards at a time, leaving 4 - the top card is turned up.
  • 15 Minute time limit per game
  • A card must be dealt or on the table before time is called
  • If score is tied, one more deal is allowed
  • NO STALLING - say pass or play
  • Ne reneging - Opponents will score 2 or 4 points (4 if alone hand)
  • If miss deal occurs same dealer will re-deal
  • Must have trump to order
  • Stick the dealer rule applies
  • No cheating or money will be forfeited!
  • Euchered teams must pay 25 cents for each time they are set.  The set money will help cover cost of snacks and refreshments and prizes for random drawings.
Water, Lemonade and light snacks will be provided.  Please bring any other foods/beverages you wish (ie Beer, wine, etc.).  Prepare for a fun afternoon!